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About Stuebner Airline Pet Resort & Spa in Spring, Texas

Stuebner Airline Pet Resort & Spa has been serving the pet boarding and grooming needs of Spring, Texas and the surrounding areas since 1995. We provide grooming and boarding for cats and dogs. Our Resort & Spa is run by Darci Lawson, our head groomer. She and her support team of office staff, groomers, bathers, dryers, and kennel personnel provide a steady diet of nutrition, exercise, massages, attention and long conversations when your fur family members come to stay with us. 

When it comes to boarding for cats and dogs in Spring, Texas, our facility provides such a great combination of services that we actually help your pet have a vacation while you are on yours. Whether you are trusting your beloved pet to us for a short weekend or a family vacation, our exceptional staff has over 17 years of boarding experience to offer your pet while you are away.

Our boarding facilities are clean and comfortable, and your pets are housed in private kennels with attached outdoor runs. Our cat condos are situated well away from our dog ward to maintain a peaceful environment. We even have an open green area for dogs and cats to play and socialize while in boarding. We are also getting close to opening our addition which features luxury suites, cat condos and an indoor play area up stairs. Pets experience supervised individual playtime and so much more. If a medical emergency should occur while your pet is being pampered at our Resort & Spa, we will immediately refer the case to our attached veterinary hospital.

Our Spring, Texas Grooming Services

If you are looking for cat or dog grooming services in Spring, Texas, Stuebner Airline Pet Resort & Spa has only animal-loving pet groomers who stay on top of the latest grooming techniques. Our experienced team members know how to treat all breeds and sizes for grooming. The receptionist will place your pet with the groomer who is most knowledgeable about your pet's breed standards for grooming, or they can listen to your needs for your pet's grooming style.

Our groomers specialize in hand scissoring and are proficient in all styles of grooming, whether your cat or dog is pure-breed or mixed breed. Standard grooming services include full body haircut of your choice, oatmeal shampoo bath, stand drying, nail trimming, anal sac expressing, and ear cleaning. Optional services offered include undercoat removal, furminating, whitening shampoo, flea shampoo, deep conditioning, or prescription shampoos as indicated by your veterinarian. When your pet leaves our grooming area, it will look and feel like a champion.

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We look forward to meeting all of your pet boarding and grooming needs, and welcome any questions you have. Call us today to book a pet grooming or boarding appointment at 281-376-2560!

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