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Stuebner Airline Pet Resort & Spa in Spring

Welcome to Stuebner Airline Pet Resort & Spa, your leading pet boarding and grooming provider in Spring, Texas. Under the leadership of Darci Lawson, we have everything needed to give your pet a proper vacation. Let your pets relax and unwind in total comfort at our luxurious pet resort and spa in Spring, TX. Our services are exclusively for dogs and cats. Whether you want to find pet boarding for your weekend getaway or simply want to give your pet an afternoon of pampering, we want to assist you.

Pet Boarding Services

When your dog comes to stay with us it will reside in a private kennel that has an attached outdoor run. For cats, we offer high-end cat condos that are kept separate from our dog kennels. We also have a green area that offers open play spaces for our boarded cats and dogs, so that they can socialize during their stay. Soon we will open our newest addition to our pet boarding facility that will include luxury suites, an indoor play area, and new cat condos. 

Grooming for Pets in Spring

We also provide full-service pet grooming for your pet. Whether you want to choose grooming services alone, or in conjunction with our pet boarding, we are ready to meet your needs. We follow the latest techniques and trends for pet grooming to ensure your dog or cat looks amazing and stylish after a grooming session. Our groomers are hand scissoring experts who can style any breed of dog or cat, including mixed breeds. As part of our standard grooming services we provide an all-body haircut, stand drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal sac expressing, as well as a luxurious oatmeal bath. You can add value-packed services including deep conditioning, fumigating, whitening shampoo, and undercoat removal upon request.

Why Choose Pet Boarding in Spring, Texas

Take advantage of our pet boarding services at Stuebner Airline Pet Resort & Spa in Spring. We offer more than just a place for your pet to sleep. Our groomers, bathers, dryers, and kennel staff are highly trained to provide total care for your pet. In addition to pet boarding, we also offer nutritional assistance, pet exercise, massage, and personal attention. It is commonplace to see our kennel personnel having a full conversation with a dog or cat in our care. We love animals and want to show that love to your pets. This sets us apart from other standard pet boarding and grooming centers where pets receive little one-on-one attention.

Your Spring, TX Pet Boarding and Grooming Services

Here at Stuebner Airline Pet Resort and Spa, we specialize in pet boarding and grooming for dogs and cats. We have been providing professional pet services since 1985. Contact Stuebner Airline Pet Resort & Spa at 281-376-2560 to schedule your appointment for boarding and grooming services. We look forward to treating your dog or cat with love and care during pet boarding and grooming.

Stuebner Airline Pet Resort & Spa

16119 Stuebner Airline Dr
Spring, TX, 77379, US

(281) 376-2560


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