Pet Boarding At A Spring TX Pet Resort & Spa

Your dog or cat deserves to be happy, healthy and safe at all times -- even when you're not there. If you're planning a vacation, extended business trip, hospitalization or other significant time away from home, rest assured that your pet can continue to enjoy a high standard of care here at Stuebner Airline Pet Resort & Spa. Our pet boarding services feature ready access to skilled veterinary care along with good food, regular exercise, and the comfort of being around humans and other pets instead of sitting at home alone.

Pets can get nervous, fearful or even angry when they feel that they've been abandoned by their owners and lack the company of other animals. The occasional neighbor's visit can't make up for your absence, especially if your pet's health takes a sudden turn for the worse. Professional pet boarding is the smartest and most humane solution to these concerns. Placing your pet in your comfortable facility not only ensures that he will have access to medical assistance; it also provides him with the social interaction and entertainment necessary to keep him happy and relaxed.

Your Spring TX Pet Board Solution

Your pet couldn't be in better hands at Stuebner Airline Pet Resort & Spa. We rely on the experienced veterinary team at Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospitals to make sure our guests receive any necessary monitoring, medications and other medical care they may require during their stay. Our common green space gives dogs and cats the chance to play and socialize.

Your pet will enjoy the perfect environment for their needs. Canine guests have the luxury of private kennels with attached outdoor runs, while cats will benefit from the peaceful, quiet environment of our separate cat condos. Our vets will even provide you with information on any recommended care your pet may need upon your return. We want to be your complete Spring TX pet board solution!

Ready to Make Preparations for Pet Boarding?

It's important to think about an upcoming pet boarding stay as far in advance as possible, especially during busy times such as major holidays. The earlier you can book your pet's stay with us, the better the odds that we'll have a vacancy.

Additionally, please note that we require all our visitors to maintain updated vaccinations. Dogs need to be current on their rabies and canine distemper/parvo (DA2PP) shots while also receiving a vaccination against Bordetella, or kennel cough. (We also recommend vaccination against a bacterial infection called leptopirosis.) Cats need up-to-date rabies and FCRVP shots; we also recommend a feline leukemia virus vaccination. We can administer booster shots while your pet is staying with us if need be -- simply bring us the paperwork showing current vaccination status and let us know about any harmful reactions your pet is known to have. Call 281-376-2560 for full details so we can arrange to care for your pet!

Our play room is dedicated to Diane Peterson. She was the ultimate animal lover and will be extremely missed.


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