Attentive Dog Boarding in Spring, TX

You wouldn't leave your children home alone when you have to be away, and you don't want to do that to your pets either. If you don't have a reliable person to take care of your four-legged friend while you're gone, turn to Stuebner Airline Pet Resort & Spa. We offer attentive cat and dog boarding in Tomball, TX. You pamper your pet and you can depend on us to do the same. From good food to regular exercise and medical care, we treat your dog or cat like you would at home.

The Social Network

It is not unusual for your pet to feel abandoned when you have to go out of town, or some other matter takes you away from home. They are accustomed to being around you and your family. We understand your pet's need to interact with humans, so we provide them with as much one on one care as possible

Pet-Specific Care

Dogs and cats have different needs and we take that into account when you board your pet with us. We house your dog in a private kennel and give him or her access to an outdoor run for exercise. Because cats tend to be more reserved than dogs, we put them in cat condos that offer a peaceful setting. However, we also provide a common green space where dogs and cats can play together.

Contact us to schedule pet boarding for your dog or cat. Please note that we require proof that your pet has had all the necessary vaccinations.

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